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Andreas Becker Builders Coach

Andreas Becker

Award Winning Business Coach… After personally being coached in my own business I was inspired to help other business people in the same way. I have personally studied under several world-leading business coaches. I was awarded the “Fastest Starter (Ever)” by Action Coach, the worlds largest business coaching organisation. After a very successful 6 years with Action Coach, I have built my own coaching business, Big Cheese Business Coaching. I believe that every business should work with a Business Coach to realise its true maximum potential. A coach is an unbiased advisor whose focus will be on making you and your business successful. As your coach, I will be your Training Co-ordinator, Marketing Manager, Sales Director, Partner, Confidant and will help make your dreams come true… all for less than the cost of your admin person.

Coaching Experience… Here are some of the 100+ businesses and industries that I have worked with over the past 12 years: Builders, Pool Builders, Several Trades, Property Managers, Exporters, Printers, Car Yards, Automotive Servicing, Signwriting, Food Wholesales, Restaurants, Bars, Motels, Steel Manufacturing, General Engineering, Earthmoving, Contracting, Electricians, Heat Pump Sales and Service, Gym & Fitness, Security, Martial Arts Studio, Real Estate, Importing, Engineering, Farm Machinery Retail and Service, Courier Company, Health Shops, Gift Shops, Aero Servicing, Pharmaceutical Import and Sales, Plant Nursery, Landscaping, Roofing Company, Clothes Manufacturing, Carpet and Tile Companies, Photographers, Entertainment Business, Commission Sales People and many others.

Client Successes…

  • Coached the winner of the “Fastest of the Block” Business award. This business has increased by more than 500% in less than 9 months.
  • Increased profit by $80,000 within the first 3 months of coaching with just one strategy.
  • Increased profit by $70,000 with existing staff by increasing team efficiency.
  • Reached 12 months goals of profit of $10,000 per month after only 3 months of coaching.
  • Business sold at full asking price. The owner made over 100% ROI (tax-free) after 14 months of coaching
  • Business Owner working 6 days a week to 4 days and only if he wants to after 6 months of coaching.
  • Team performance up by 127% after coaching the sales team for less than 1 year.
  • Average Dollar Sale gradually improved from $23.56 to $41.67 in 18 months.
  • 21 Millionaires in 10 years – when I started business coaching in 2003 I set my goal to help 21 business owners to become millionaires by August 2013. Today this goal has been surpassed.

Business Experience… I have bought, build and sold 4 businesses over the last 13 years. This first-hand experience of preparing a business so that it can be sold for a profit (tax-free) gives me the edge to help you do the same with your business. Prior to becoming a Business Coach in 2003 I held various management positions within Tait Electronics encompassing sales and marketing, product management, customer service and product training.

Marketer of the Year… Winner of the prestigious “Marketer of the Year” award from a leading Marketing training organisation specialising in Guerrilla Marketing. I love marketing and I specialise in helping businesses creating an unfair advantage over their competitors by using powerful Guerrilla Marketing techniques. The result of effective marketing often is the difference between a winner and a loser.

NLP Coaching… I am a qualified and accredited NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) practitioner. NLP Coaching Language is the most powerful set of questions and linguistic tools there is for helping people to solve problems, make changes and get what they want. Why? Because they use the power of a person’s unconscious mind to help them discover resources and solutions. I focus on the power of thought and how we can use the way we think to create a real difference in our business and life achievements.

Vision… I have a vision to help 10 builders per year to become financially and personally independent. Making a decision and taking action is the key. “The person of DECISION cannot be stopped. The person of INDECISION cannot be started. Take your choice.”Napoleon Hill.

Commitment… I am committed to continuous learning and I ensure that I attend a major training course/ seminar/ conference a year with a view to increasing my knowledge. I have studied courses by some of the world’s leading presenters and mentors covering topics such as Finance, Business, Real Estate, The Power of Thought, Management and Leadership, Presentation and Self Development. In the last 15 years, I have invested in excess of NZ$250,000 in personal self-development.

My family and I have lived in New Zealand for over 30 years and we are proud New Zealanders.

Our Core Values and Rules of the Game