Do you get enquiries from your signage?

One of the best marketing investments a builder can make, is to make their vehicles, their team and their site signage stand out. Potential clients will be driving past building sites and if your site signage and your vehicles are visible and stand out, you have a high chance of getting enquiries from exactly the right type of people you’d like to attract. 

There are no ongoing costs compared to other types of advertising which can be ongoing and very expensive. So it’s great value for money.

Get your vehicles sign-written so they really stand out. In addition to the branding, make sure you promote the key benefits of doing business with you. Also make sure the vehicles appear fresh and tidy, ideally all using the same colour.

Provide uniforms to your team and have these branded. Make sure your team always appears smart and tidy. Your clients and your potential clients will form an opinion based on what they see. 

Invest in site signage that really stands out. Make it as big as possible. Here some do’s and don’ts: 

Do not put your branding on top of the signage. People are not interested on who you are, rather what you can do for them.

So, do put a meaningful, benefit bearing headline on your site signage.

Add a stand-out image, of the type of construction you do, to the main area of the advert.

Highlight some benefits of doing business with you.

Have a picture of yourself on the side of the sign. People trust people, especially people just like themselves.

Have a strong call to action. Offer something of value so people call you and make enquiries.

At the bottom of the sign, add your brand, company information and contact details.

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