Do you have a professional brand that stands out?

It is most common to see a building business branded by the business owners name - for example “Steve Smith Builders”. This may be OK when you first start out and there will be a number of potential clients that think that they would enjoy working directly with the owner of the building business. 

The problem is that when you grow, people will still expect to work with the business owner and you may not always be available. By now you will most likely have outgrown your brand. There are also many other negative connotations that are associated with a name like “Steve Smith Builders”. If you want to re-brand your business at this stage, you will have lost a few years of brand recognition and that could be costly.  

The best way is to name and brand your business properly as early as possible - ideally right from the start. Come up with a meaningful name or a name that is easy to remember. Make sure that it contains the keyword that represents your trade. For example Premium Homes, Keystone Construction, Hometrends Builders, Lockwood Homes, High Country Homes, Landmark Homes, House Lifters Ltd, House Levellers, Heritage Levellers, Smartlift etc.

Get your logo and your branding professionally designed. This is not the place to cut costs and have your mates cousin design your branding. It will cost a bit, but it is a one-off cost and your business will benefit from it every day. 

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