I help good builders Become Good Business People so they end up with More money in their bank account, more time for themselves and have more fun 

Andreas Becker - the Builders Coach

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Our Services

Business Planning

I will help you to come up with a strategic business plan. This is a plan that will have the most important action items you can implement right away.


We will find every possible way for you to increase your profit. Many small improvements quickly make a big difference to the bottom line.


We'll get your business systemised so that the business can work without you. It helps to a consistent quality and client experience.

Team Building

Your business needs a winning team. Let us give you the right leadership skills and the best tools to have your business working without you. 


When you use marketing that actually works, you will have more leads then you can handle. This allows you to work only with the best clients and never for the lowest price.

Time Management

Get the most out of your time. Only do the things that make the biggest difference to your business. Use the 80/20 Rule to have more time for yourself.

Useful Articles

How To Find Good People
Finding the right people can be the difference between a good business and a poor business. This video might surprise you and will not be what you expect.
Do you have a professional brand that stands out?
The best way is to name and brand your business properly as early as possible - ideally right from the start. Come up with a meaningful name or a name that is easy to remember.
Is your building business specialised and you are seen as the expert in your field?
A building business, who is highly specialised and seen as an expert, has a much higher chance of being profitable.
Use “Million Dollar Quotes” to Get Profitable Clients
If you want to charge good prices for your building projects you will often not be the cheapest quote that a potential client receives.
Fixing Your Cashflow Problems
If you are a builder with cashflow problems, you MUST watch this video. I guarantee positive results.
Do you get enquiries from your signage?
One of the best marketing investments a builder can make, is to make their vehicles, their team and their site signage stand out.
Why Builders Need a Dashboard
Use a business dashboard to know exactly where your business is heading and to quickly figure out what you have to focus on.

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