Is your building business specialised and you are seen as the expert in your field?

This is probably one of the most important decisions you as a business owner, will have to make, and it is also the most difficult one.
A building business, who is highly specialised and seen as an expert, has a much higher chance of being profitable, will have a value and can be sold.

Most building businesses try to do everything and are by default “Jacks of all trades and master of none”. Because of the incredible wide spectrum of work a builder can do, such a business is actually quite difficult to run. Forget about selling such a business. You will not find a buyer.

Just think of hiring a winning team and having them well trained and able to deliver excellent work. It is hard and such builders are hard to find.

As a general builder you will be competing with a lot of others and there is going to be a huge pressure on price. This will have a massive negatively affect on your profit and cashflow.

On the other hand, a builder who is highly specialised, will find it easy to become a master at what they do. It will be much easier to find people and train them in your niche. Such a business will be very efficient and make a great profit and have no cashflow problems.

The trend of specialisation is happening everywhere. Gourmet restaurants that can prepare a huge range of food are going broke while specialised food outlets (hamburgers, sushi, sandwich, chicken…) are making great profits. General car dealers are struggling while the highly specialised oil changers are reaping it in. Think kitchen specialist, bathrooms, special cladding systems, highly insulated windows and doors.

Unless you figure out how you could specialise you will find it tough. Marketing is tough, sales is tough, profits are tough, finding a good team is tough.

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